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Abdelmoula is an amazigh Moroccan-born artist.
Born in the 1960s in the North of the Kingdom of Morocco. Abdelmoula essentially sings the music of the gir, mountainous area located in the Middle Atlas, and whose main language is the amazigh. Abdelmoula has grew up in a family of music lovers. His brother Abdelmoula Junior is also a talented singer.
This passionate singer of rai has to this day a beautiful discography. Starting with « FAS FAS » which was very appreciated by the audience, followed by « Meghiyara » and « Jabbah Ben Tayeb », published in 2007, with of several titles to success including « Elhoub », « Ababas Afak », and « Ezzine Ezzine. The same year he published the album « Abdelmoula » on Disco productions Barcelona, followed by « Li Rkhiss France » in duo with his brother.
The year 2010 has been especially productive for Abdelmoula, who has worked on several albums including « Nbii’a Elbekra », produced by Zghida Hafid Edition, and « Ken Aliaa nfakkar », sponsored by Disco Mellilo, with beautiful songs like « Aalach MCHA », « My Douroufi tesmahlich », and « w Ghmarti mchiti ». His latest opus « Ya Bnadem » is produced by East music Rai of production and distributed by studios of Santana. Abdelmoula today is a key to the Morocco, and always present artist on the music scene of the gir.