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Our name:  4 Shbab TV
Our slogan: 4shbab … Will change



Vision: Channel of art, youth, Arab, is committed to value limits for the Arab community, stemming from its cultural heritage, moral and religious.


Our goals: Provide superior art form and content.

Seek to balance conservation and rehabilitation of young people and build their future.

The promotion of moral and religious values.

Compilation of young men and women within the educational incubators established by the channel contribute to the reform of themselves and their society and serve their country.

The development of emotion right to the Islamic Prophet Mohammad, peace and good rationalization.




What distinguishes us: Channel as soon as youth, art, singing and drama programs, competitions, sports programs, like satellite. But offered a very different view of entertainment and leisure time is not wasted, in order to address the conscience does not tickle instincts, in order to uphold the mind rather than on the promotion of superstition, in order to bias ones not extremism, in order to establish the identity of belonging is not confusing. They provide alternative channel, and meet the needs of the market are already in the media, and fill a critical shortage of complaining, and looks forward to filling many.   


our public: All youth and girls – in the age group 15 to 40 years.


How do you watch us:



Nile sat: frequency 11316 MHz – vertical polarization – rate of 27.5 MSPS coding 

Nile sat: frequency 12226 MHz – Horizontal polarization – rate of 27.5 MSPS coding